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We recruit only the best-qualified, responsible, driven and motivated individuals. Our rigorous screening process ensures that you are getting the cream of the crop, simply the best job candidates out there.

We are your reliable source for temporary and direct hire personnel. On an ongoing basis, Jackie Matchett Personnel recruits, interviews and pre-screens candidates from a wide geographic area to bring you the most qualified, talented people with the background your organization needs.

We furnish in-depth information about the people recommended to you, including their employment history, education, training, areas of expertise and availability.

Anyone who is employed by our company undergoes a criminal background check. This allows us to identify those people who are most likely to succeed.

Jackie Matchett Personnel assumes complete responsibility for all compensation and benefits administration, including federal, state and local taxes, FICA, insurance and workers compensation insurance, as well as holidays and vacations. This eliminates much of your paperwork and administrative responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Jackie Matchett Personnel will:

  • Be sure that information on each candidate's resume is complete and accurate
  • Provide a diverse array of candidates
  • Return calls promptly and submit qualified candidates in a timely manner
  • Present candidates who meet position specifications and attempt to satisfy client preferences
  • Meet recommended candidates prior to submission to the client to assure candidates' personal qualities and presence are of a professional standard
  • Maintain open and honest communications with both client and candidate during the recruitment process
  • Effectively prepare candidates for the recruitment and interviewing process
  • Adhere to the client's stated recruiting process, respecting the client's preferred line of communication
  • Provide objective feedback to both the client and candidates

A Bottom Line Difference
Time and labor equate to money in all businesses. So, filling your requirements quickly and with highly skilled people has a direct bearing on your bottom line. Jackie Matchett Personnel can quickly mobilize the experts and specialists you need. By providing people on an as-needed basis, so that projects can be staffed directly and fixed labor costs can be reduced.

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